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    Did you know the first 100 words your child should know make up over 50% of any general text?  They just keep popping up all the time in our reading and writing...that is why we call them POPCORN words.
    Each week I will introduce 2 -3 POPCORN words per week for a total of 85 words.  Please know that every child is different and if your child is unable to read all 85 words they will be able to eventually.  Therefore, by me introducing and teaching all these words is great practice and exposure for every child and their future learning.

    The ability to recognize sight words is one of the best predictors of early reading success.

    Please practice often as new words will be added on a regular basis.



     Words Introduced

    Click on the word link to listen to each Popcorn Word!

    (Click on the hyperlink to listen to the words)

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    Week 1 (9/10): I, am
    Week 2 (9/17): a, at, an
    Week 3 (9/24): go, to, the
    Week 4: (10/1): this, is, my
    Week 5: (10/8): see, me
    Week 6:(10/15): can, we
    Week 7:(10/22): up, look, down
    Week 8:(10/29): and, like, no
    Week 9: (11/5): will, you, yes
    Week 10: (11/12): do, it, how
    Week 11: (11/26): as, had, had
    Week 12: (12/3): in, on, big
    Week 13: (12/10): was, be, his
    Week 14: (12/17: run, by, would
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