• Weekly Newsletters

    Please see the subpage for our classroom newsletters.  They contain more detailed information about what we are working on each month.



    We will be following the Common Core Learning Standards in math for Grade K.  Our math program is Eureka Math.  Our main focus will be on learning number names and counting in sequence, comparing numbers, understanding addition as putting together/ adding to and subtraction as taking apart/ taking from, and working with the numbers 11 through 19 to build a foundation for place value. We will also learn about shapes as well as classifying and comparing objects.



    The Fundations program teaches the foundational skills of the Common Core State Standards.  These skills include phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, high frequency “trick” words, fluency, comprehension, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and handwriting. For the first unit, we will be focusing on lowercase letter formation. For each unit, you will receive a letter outlining the skills that will be taught in that unit. 



    The science units we will be studying this year are Weather, Matter and Interactions, and Animals, Plants and Their Environments.  During each unit, the children will have a chance to explore different scientific principals through inquiry and experimentation.


    Social Studies

    The kindergarten social studies curriculum is focused on learning about rules and regulations, ourselves and our families, holidays and celebrations, economics, and geography.



    Reading is part of our balanced literacy program. We will be working on a variety of comprehension strategies through read alouds, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading.  Your child will be working in a small guided-reading group with the teacher to learn and review reading strategies and skills based on their reading level. Please be sure to read every day with your child.



    We will begin the year with a focus on drawing to express our ideas. Gradually, we will begin labeling our drawings and eventually we will begin writing sentences. The students will work on listening to the sounds that they hear in the words and writing them down. We will begin working on capitalization, punctuation, and spacing between words.

Last Modified on October 5, 2018