• Since September, Rush-Henrietta has operated two learning programs to meet the needs of our students and families. About 75 percent of students are enrolled in our hybrid program, in which they attend school two days a week and learn virtually three days. The rest of the students take part in our new Remote Learning Academy, learning from home each day.

    When families selected their child’s learning program this past summer, we promised them an opportunity to reassess the decision after the first semester. We are making good on that pledge. Because this process is so important, we are making this letter available in multiple languages at the bottom of this page

    As your family carefully considers potentially changing learning programs, please be aware that switching programs mid-year is not a seamless process for our students or staff. Any change or disruption in a student’s educational program can present major challenges, even under more traditional circumstances, and the same is true for our faculty and staff.   

    For continuity and planning purposes, we discourage families from switching between models unless it is absolutely necessary. Some families, for example, may consider a different model if they have a change in family or job circumstances. If it is necessary to make a change, please be aware of the following implications:

    • In grades K-6, a student switching programs will be assigned to a new teacher and have new classmates. Most teachers will be keeping their original assignments.
    • In grades 7-12, a student switching programs almost certainly will have new teachers and classmates. Student schedules will change and there is a possibility that select courses available in one model will not be available in the other due to staffing constraints. For that reason, some students may need to drop a class if they opt for a different model. 

    All families must affirm their choice of learning model for the second semester, even if no change is being made. Please complete our Second-Semester Enrollment Commitment Form no later than Sunday, November 22. You are committing to this decision for the rest of the school year. Exceptions will be made only in the event of extraordinary circumstances and will need superintendent approval. 

    Even if only 100 students select a different learning model, making the necessary adjustments will be a huge undertaking for district staff and could impact students significantly. To help us be able to efficiently review each submission, we require families to provide their child’s student ID number when completing this form. The student ID number can be found on your child’s SchoolTool profile. You can see exactly where by referring to these instructions. Many students know this number by heart.

    We have extended the deadline to Sunday, November 22, however, we must receive your response by that date. Thank you for completing this important form as soon as possible. If you have questions, please contact your child’s school counselor or principal.