• Reopening Rush-Henrietta

    R-H Announces Plans for September

    Hybrid students attending school in-person on Tuesdays will begin Tuesday, September 8. Those attending school Monday and Thursday will begin Thursday, September 10. Students in the Remote Learning Academy have their first day of school Tuesday, September 8.



    In March 2020, New York public schools closed buildings and grounds for the remainder of the school year in response to COVID-19. Four months later, in July, Gov. Cuomo announced that school districts would be allowed to reopen for in-person classes in September if infection rates remain at 5 percent or lower in a given region that is in Phase 4 of the state’s reopening plan.

    As Rush-Henrietta contemplates reopening for the 2020-2021 school year, district leaders have prepared a reopening plan using the most recent guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York State Department of Health, New York State Education Department, Monroe County Department of Health, and the Reopening Rush-Henrietta task force. The latter group, led by the superintendent, includes parents, Board of Education members, instructional and non-instructional staff, administrators, and bargaining-unit leaders.

    We know this is an emotional and anxiety-inducing time for everyone in our school community, and we recognize the stress that reopening - in any form - places on our students, families, and employees. It is important that we balance the risks of COVID-19 with the harm from continued school closure, which is impacting physical and mental health. Another significant consideration is the risk of COVID-19 to our employees, many of whom are within the identified high-risk population. 

    As we plan, the health and safety of students, families, and staff members remain of the utmost importance. The infection rate, spread of the virus, and the response to it in our region is at the forefront of our decision-making as we move to open schools. It is not possible to remove all risk of infection and disease now that COVID-19 is well established, but many measures will be put in place to minimize these risks for all. Mitigation of these risks, while allowing some level of a return to school, will be needed for the foreseeable future. So, too, will be the support of our community.

    School districts statewide are reopening knowing that this is a constantly evolving situation. The plans we create now and plan to implement in September are subject to change at any time based on new guidance and directives from the state and county.

    Note: Due to the time-sensitive nature of COVID-19 information, updates have been sent in English.  Should you need further assistance translating it into your preferred language, please email the department of student & family services at npelusio@rhnet.org with the request.

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