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R-H Names 2024 Teacher of the Year!

Rush-Henrietta Names 2024 Teacher of the Year!
Congratulations to Joanne Fusare-White, a special education teacher at Fyle Elementary School. On Friday, January 5, we surprised Joanne (with husband, Brian, and daughter, Maddie) by visiting her class to inform her by she’s been named our Teacher of the Year. Each principal was invited to nominate a teacher from their building. All nominations were reviewed this week and Joanne stood out for both her accomplishments in school as well as her contributions to the community.

Joanne has been with Rush-Henrietta for a long time! An R-H grad herself, she was hired in September 1992 and has consistently demonstrated exceptional commitment to our community. “Joanne possesses a rare combination of passion, dedication, and innovation,” explains Fyle Principal Marcy Mooney. “She has the ability to connect with students on a personal level, fosters a positive classroom atmosphere, and encourages a love for learning that extends beyond the curriculum.” Mooney once taught at Sherman and worked alongside Fusare-White. “I witnessed firsthand how she goes above and beyond to ensure that each student with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)  feels valued, supported, and challenged in their academics,” she recalls.

Joanne also plays a vital role in our community. She volunteers for fundraisers and events such as Anna’s Wish, Werner Kleeman Scholarship, Henrietta Tree Lighting Ceremony, Rotary Sunshine Camp, Disabled Veterans Program, and many more. She bakes apple pies for her church and makes cookie dough to raise funds for CURE. She is well-known for her JoJo’s Cool Bus, a personal venture that sees her providing ice cream, sometimes at no cost, to others.

Joanne is a shining example of a teacher who goes above and beyond the call in every way. Her impact on students, colleagues, and the R-H community is immeasurable. Congratulations, Joanne! 

Watch the surprise here: