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You've Got Questions. We Have Answers.

Last fall, the Rush-Henrietta transportation department received calls asking why our school buses are not stopping when crossing railroad tracks near Matthews and Fields Lumber on Lehigh Station Road. These tracks are located just east of the Transportation and Operations Center. The district has been informed that these railroad tracks have been deemed exempt, meaning they are no longer active and school buses are not required to stop.

Often, such questions are posed only on social media, which does not always result in the best answers. The community is encouraged to ask questions directly of school and district personnel who can provide accurate information. 

Here are some ways you can reach out to the district to ask questions:
  1. Contact the district’s main information desk at 359-5000 weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  2. Call the main office of your child’s school during school hours or contact the principal. Contact information is listed below.
  3. Visit the district website and write us at the Contact Rush-Henrietta form.

In addition, you may reach out directly to these school and district personnel:

Crane Elementary School
Brian Hill, Principal: or 359-5400

Fyle Elementary School
Marcy Mooney, Principal: or 359-5430

Leary Elementary School
K. Dina Stathopoulos, Principal: or 359-5460

Winslow Elementary School
Jeff Pollard, Principal: or 359-5090

Sherman Elementary School
Dave Passero, Principal: or 359-5490

Vollmer Elementary School
Jennifer Tomalty, Principal: or 359-5550

Burger Junior High School
Greg Lane, Principal: or 359-5300

Roth Junior High School
Kerry Macko, Principal: or 359-5100

Rush-Henrietta Senior High School
Tim Shafer, Principal: or 359-5200

Webster Learning Center
Michael Sweeney, Building Administrator: or 359-5544

Office of Community Relations
Travis Anderson: or 359-5065
Heather Campo: or 359-5017

Cub Care
Bonnie Coddington, Coordinator: or 359-7805

Ken Nelson, Director: or 359-5385

Shirley Smith-Gravanda, Director: or 359-5380

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Dina Wilson: or 359-5013

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Strategic Initiatives
Casey van Harssel: or 359-5044

Assistant Superintendent for School Finance and Operations
Andrew Whitmore: or 359-5037 

Assistant Superintendent for Student and Family Services
Nerlande Anselme: or 359-5018

Superintendent of Schools
Barbara Mullen: or 359-5021

Everyone in the Rush-Henrietta Central School District appreciates the interest you have in your child’s education and encourages your continued involvement. We look forward to assisting you!