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Register for the Wellness Workshop to Be Held Online March 3

Wellness Workshop - Live Online

Fostering Mental Health & Resilience in ChildrenWellness Workshop March 3 and Families During Challenging Times 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

6:30-8 p.m.

To register and receive a link to join, visit:

Parents, staff members, and students are invited to attend this timely workshop.

While times of stress and uncertainty are profoundly challenging, they also offer opportunities to build resilience in children. This conversation reviews the science of resilience, and identifies concrete strategies for how staff and parents can support children’s mental health and resiliency during challenging times.  We will also discuss ways that educators and parents can foster their own mental health and resiliency during times of personal, community, and global crisis. This conversation will conclude with a Town Hall-style Q&A with Dr. Heatly and expert child mental health clinicians at UR Medicine. 

This is the second offering in our Wellness Workshop series. A recording of the first one, "Depression and Anxiety" presented by Dr. James Wallace on December 5, 2019, may be found on our YouTube channel.  

Facilitator: Dr. Melissa Heatly, Clinical Child Psychologist & Director of Expanded School Mental Health Initiatives at UR Pediatric Behavioral Health & Wellness

Dr. Heatly directs the Expanded School Mental Health team at UR Medicine, which provides comprehensive school-based behavioral health services, consultation, and training to youth and educators across the Greater Rochester region. Dr. Heatly received a BA from Cornell University, a Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh, and trained with the National Center for School Mental Health. 

Click here to view a PDF of the workshop flyer.