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Automated Call Content - November 13, 2020

This automated call was placed November 13, 2020. The content is being shared on the website so you can access the links more easily.

Hi, I am calling from the Rush-Henrietta Central School District to recap a busy week. The contents of this message, along with the appropriate links, can be viewed on the district website at

First, if you have not indicated which learning model you would like for your child during the second semester, the deadline to do so is November 20. We explained this process last week via E-News. It is imperative that we hear from you regarding this decision.

Second, COVID-19 testing for hybrid students and employees begins Monday, November 16. This testing, which was explained via E-News, is mandated by the state. We need families to give their consent or indicate their refusal by noon Monday. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are available at

Third, we shared with you via E-News that the district is making adjustments to its bus routes because drivers are in extremely low supply. Please be aware that drivers, routes, and schedules may change from day to day.

We know the district has provided a lot of information in recent days, and we thank you for reading and acting on it as necessary. Again, you can view the links that go with everything mentioned in this call at We wish you a good weekend.

Note: If you are not receiving E-News messages, please contact the main office of your child's school and make sure your email address is updated.