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Student Busing Update; R-H Needs Drivers Desperately!

There are many challenges associated with operating a school district during a pandemic, and Rush-Henrietta is dealing with an especially difficult situation regarding student transportation.

As we have shared with you for several years, there is a serious shortage of bus drivers throughout the state. In an effort to recruit additional drivers, we went so far two years ago as to air this commercial during every showing at a local movie theater for an entire year. Please feel free to share this video and let people in your circle know we are hiring bus drivers.

COVID-19 is making this shortage worse. This summer, some of our drivers understandably retired as a precautionary health measure. This left us even more shorthanded than usual. If fully staffed, our district would have 114 drivers. Today, we have only 84. 

As a result, our transportation department has been forced to adapt. Each morning, it is combining some routes to help ensure we can get all students to and from school. Because of these changes, families should be aware that their child’s bus number - even their bus driver - may be different on a daily basis. Pickup and dropoff times may shift 10 minutes earlier or later, depending on our staffing for the day. We understand this may be an inconvenience, but it is a necessity to continue to offer busing amidst these challenging circumstances.

If you are interested in becoming a bus driver, please let us know by completing this form. We even offer paid training! Please share this rewarding opportunity with everyone you know. And, please, thank a Rush-Henrietta bus driver! They are working incredibly hard for us during a difficult situation.