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Superintendent's Challenge

Welcome to the Superintendent’s Challenge! To encourage students to remain actively engaged in a variety of learning experiences, Superintendent Bo Wright will be posting different challenges on the district's Facebook page that appeal to all ages.

These challenges will ask students to explore, think, write, and connect (safely) with others. Students - or their parents - can post a picture or description in the comments to show how they are handling the challenge! (There may even be a surprise for those who participate!)

Challenge #7: For this challenge, you are encouraged to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with your family. Go for a walk in your neighborhood and look for things that are green or gold. Did you find an interesting one? Take or draw a picture of it and post it here! How many did you find? Visit to show us!

Challenge #6: This week’s Superintendent’s Challenge is to read a book that is different from what you would normally choose. Did you like it? Why, or why not? Briefly tell us about it! What type of book do you usually like to read? Visit

Challenge #5: May 4-8 is Teacher Appreciation Week! Normally, our parent groups plan wonderful celebrations during this week, but those won’t be able to happen this year. So, the Superintendent’s Challenge is to let a teacher or staff member know that you appreciate them! Send an email with a note or a picture, record a video and send it to them, or post a message for them in Google Classroom. Our teachers and staff work hard all year, so let them know how much they are appreciated! To view this challenge on Facebook, visit

Challenge #4: We want to build a virtual art gallery! We know that many of our students have been creating art at home, and we want to see it! Post a picture of your child’s favorite masterpiece on the Facebook post at (along with their school and grade) and share it with the Rush-Henrietta community!

If your child would like to participate but needs some inspiration, Roth Junior High School Art Teacher Amy Gendrou has provided some examples of Zentangle drawings. Zentangles are a series of structured patterns - think of it like doodling with a purpose! These can be printed and colored, or create your own!

Blank R-H Pride coloring page

Blank R-H Pride coloring page with bars

R-H Pride Zentangle coloring page

Challenge #3: Students are encouraged to think like scientists! With their parents’ permission, students should either conduct a safe science experiment at home or interact with one of the simulations shared in our Home Learning Resources.

In addition to science activities that have been shared by teachers with their classes, Science Director Dan Zdanowski has provided some links to simulations and activities that are aligned to the New York State Science Learning Standards for each grade level. 

Elementary level ideas can be found here:

For grades 7-12, visit: 

To participate in the challenge, choose an experiment and tell us about it. What did you learn? Did the experiment (or the simulation) work the way you thought it would? 

You can view the challenge on Facebook at

Challenge #2: Show us your R-H spirit! Take a picture of yourself in your Rush-Henrietta jersey or sweatshirt; your school t-shirt; or wearing some green, gold, and black. Post your picture in the comments and let’s show the R-H pride this weekend! Superintendent Wright is getting us started - you can see his picture in the comments. His family decorated their driveway. Did anyone else decorate their driveway or sidewalk? 

By the way--did you know that a group of lions is called a pride? So “R-H pride” works in two ways!

You can view the challenge on Facebook at

Challenge #1: Make up new rules to a favorite board or card game and teach it to your family. What game did you choose? What new rule did you create? Did it make the game more fun? Tell us about it! Let's see what you can come up with by the end of the day on Thursday, April 2!

It is easiest to participate in these challenges on the district Facebook page at However, if you do not have a Facebook account, you can email your response to