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Superintendent Wright Provides Safety Update

Special Message from Superintendent Bo Wright

The Rush-Henrietta Central School District was alerted last night to a social media post made by a student. In the post, the student made vague threats regarding his personal well being and the safety of others.

We immediately contacted the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies began to look for the student and located him quickly. The student was not in school today; he has been arrested.

As a school district, student safety always is our top priority. When faced with potential threats, we don’t have the luxury of guessing which might be real, or which are an act of poor judgment or a cry for help.

I am very pleased with how everyone responded to this situation last night. First, our thanks to those who made us aware of the post on social media. Second, our thanks to the district staff members who sprang into action while many members of our community already were fast asleep. Finally, we extend sincere gratitude to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, which helped bring this situation to a peaceful resolution.

It was a total team effort, and that is what is required each and every time.