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Secondary Chorus Festival Delighted Audience on April 4

The Rush-Henrietta District Music Festival is an annual event Music teacher conducts a chorus that features a different aspect of the music program every year. This year, the Secondary Chorus Festival brought together 450 singers in grades 7-12 to perform for a delighted audience on April 4.

The festival is a large learning experience that teaches music students in ways that a classroom experience cannot. It takes the classroom experience and puts it together with parallel groups from other schools in the district. Students see and hear their peers in other schools; learn to listen carefully to them, and to trust their teacher and their own voices or instruments to join together and produce a quality sound.

It also presents an opportunity for the audience to hear how the difficulty of music learning develops as students grow and the repertoire matures, along with their musical skill. Students get to see where the road leads with continued practice and commitment, culminating in the pinnacle of our district with our high school performing groups. And just when the awe from that moment subsides, we mix it all up again as we put ALL of them together to play or sing!

All of the students involved in the Secondary Chorus Festival did a wonderful job performing at the concert. Thank you to our music teachers and to Director of Music and Arts, Donna Watts, for their work and dedication to these groups. It is easy to see why we have once again been named one of the Best Communities for Music Education by NAMM!

We would also like to thank Kim Dodson and John Wagner for sharing their photos with us! Planning is already underway for the District Band Festival next year!

For more pictures from the event, please visit our district Facebook page at