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School Bus Incident

This morning, a fourth-grader was hit by a car in Rush while waiting to board a school bus. The student was transported to the hospital for evaluation.
As the investigation into this morning's incident continues, let us share a general reminder about bus safety and the rules of the road. Following these rules could save a child's life.
An estimated 50,000 motor vehicles illegally pass New York school buses every day. It is illegal - and dangerous - to pass a stopped school bus when the large, red lights located on top of the bus are flashing. This is also true when the stop sign on the side of the bus has been activated. Flashing lights mean the bus is picking up or discharging students. Those operating a motor vehicle must stop for flashing red lights, even on divided and multi-lane highways, and on school grounds. Drivers must stop whether approaching the school bus from the front or overtaking it from behind. For example, if someone drives on Calkins Road, it does not matter what lane he or she is in when approaching a bus with yellow or red flashing lights. The driver must act accordingly by slowing down or stopping.
A first-time offense for illegally passing a school bus is a $250 to $400 fine, five points on the driver’s license, and/or 30 days in jail. Worse yet, the memory of hitting or killing a child is one that will be carried forever. Let’s do everything in our power to prevent this from happening.
Please remember:
- Yellow lights mean the bus is going to stop. This is the time to slow down.
- Red lights mean students are getting on or off the bus. This is the time to stop.
Thank you for your cooperation.