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Rush-Henrietta Superintendent Search Update

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Dear Rush-Henrietta Community,

The Board of Education respectfully requests your feedback to help guide our search for a permanent superintendent!

The search for a new superintendent is incredibly important to the success of our school district. While the Board of Education ultimately will choose this new leader, it will do so only after taking into consideration the perspective that you provide to us. 

Today, we are sharing an online survey designed to help us gather information to assist us in the search process. We ask parents and guardians, employees, Senior High School students, and community members to participate in this survey. It will be available until Monday, October 3. (Update: Students in grades 7-9 also are invited to take part!)

Board members would like as many different voices participating as possible. Recognizing the incredible diversity in Rush-Henrietta, the survey can be taken in multiple languages. The options are English, Arabic, Chinese, Nepali, and Spanish. 

Click here for English:
Click here for Arabic:
Click here for Chinese:
Click here for Nepali:
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We also encourage you to invite community members who do not have a child attending our schools to participate. Anyone who lives in the Rush-Henrietta Central School District has a vested interest in this search and the future success of our schools!

In addition, our search consultant, Monroe One BOCES, soon will meet with focus groups. The groups include District Parent Advisory Council, Multicultural Parent Advisory Council, Senior High School Student Council, African-American Leadership Council, the superintendent’s cabinet, and bargaining-unit leaders, among others.

The Board of Education will use feedback from focus groups and online survey to create a candidate profile that will better define what kind of leader we would like to hire. Applications to be Rush-Henrietta’s next superintendent are due in November. 

Please take a few minutes to complete our survey today. Your feedback is important to us!


Diane McBride, President
Rush-Henrietta Board of Education

Monday, September 19, 2022
Dear Rush-Henrietta Community,

I’m writing on behalf of the Board of Education to provide an update on the search for a new superintendent.

Dr. Pamela Kissel is providing steady leadership as Rush-Henrietta’s interim superintendent while the district conducts a thorough search to identify a permanent successor. In August, the Board of Education selected Monroe One BOCES as its search consultant and was asked to make an important decision regarding how the search will be conducted.  

The board voted to use a closed, executive-style search, as opposed to a public search that would disclose names of candidates earlier in the process. A closed approach has become increasingly popular because it can help school districts attract a deeper pool of highly qualified candidates.
Offering a closed search provides additional privacy for potential candidates that otherwise may be reluctant to have their school community learn of their interest in another district. In addition, this search style provides a safe environment for internal candidates who wish to be considered. 

With a closed search in place, input from our community is more important than ever. During the next week, the district will share an online survey developed by Monroe One BOCES. The goal in seeking this information is to help the Board of Education create a candidate profile. This profile will assist us as we articulate the qualities we should be seeking in a new district leader.

The Board of Education desires to hear from as many unique voices as possible. Specifically, we will ask parents and guardians, employees, Senior High School students, and community members to share their thoughts. The survey will be available in English and in four additional languages that are often used in our district. Those languages are Arabic, Chinese, Nepali, and Spanish.

In addition, Monroe One BOCES will be meeting with numerous focus groups in the next few weeks. The Board of Education will use feedback from both the focus groups and the online survey as it advances through the process.

Applications to be Rush-Henrietta’s next superintendent are due in November. The first round of interviews is scheduled to begin after Thanksgiving. We hope a new superintendent will be appointed by mid-January and, in a perfect world, be able to join us in early spring.

When the online survey is available, I will share it with you on behalf of my colleagues on the board. We truly value your opinion and perspective and encourage you to participate in this important survey. Thank you!


Diane McBride, President
Rush-Henrietta Board of Education