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Students Can't Be Left Unattended Outside Home by Bus Driver

We would like to remind everyone that bus drivers in the Rush-Henrietta Central School District are not able to drop young children off at home without a parent or guardian present or a safe way to enter the home. 

In the event that an adult is not home, or a child cannot make his or her way inside the house, the child will be transported to our Cub Care Zone after-school program at their elementary school. This service will cost $20 each time it is used, plus an initial, one-time registration fee for "as-needed" care of $20. This payment is due on arrival and may be paid with cash or credit card. The program closes at 6 p.m. each weekday. 

Rush-Henrietta’s number one priority is student safety. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that all children are transported from school to home in the safest possible manner.