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COVID-19 Risk-Screening

Dear Rush-Henrietta Families and Employees,

A requirement for reopening school this month is that districts must provide each student and employee with a daily health checklist to screen for the symptoms of COVID-19. Thank you for your diligence in using our checklist each day before coming to campus. Of all the ways you can assist us this school year, doing the daily risk screening is the one that will help us the most.

The district had been working closely with a vendor to develop a new way for you to do this, but we were not pleased with the product. Instead, we enlisted the help of Raptor, the company that provides the software that helps buildings and schools manage our visitor-management system. 

This new screening tool is ready! It is web-based; there is no need for an app. This system will send an email to all families and district employees by 5 a.m. each weekday. This email serves as a reminder to complete the screening and provides a link for you to do so. If you have more than one child, you will receive a single email that allows you to provide information for multiple students. Do not bookmark the links you receive as they are specific to the day you receive them.

All Rush-Henrietta students - including those in Universal Pre-Kindergarten, the hybrid program, and Remote Learning Academy - should now complete this new form each day before the school day begins.

Please look for this sender and subject line in your inbox each school day starting Monday, September 28. Moving forward, submit answers daily for the risk-screening survey using this new method.

Sender: Raptor Screening
Subject: Rush-Henrietta Central School District 

Answers are confidential. Student information is reviewed at the child’s school. Employee submissions are reviewed by the Office of Human Resources. If you accidentally answer a question incorrectly, you may click the link again and complete the survey a second time. Your answers will update automatically.

Parents, if it appears you are not receiving daily emails, please check the junk or spam folder to make sure messages aren’t being filtered inadvertently. If that is not the case, please update your address with the main office of your child’s school. Employees experiencing this issue should contact Human Resources. 

Employees who have children enrolled in the Rush-Henrietta Central School District will receive two messages - one for them and one for their student.

In Rush-Henrietta, safety continues to be our top priority. By taking part in the daily risk-screening process, you help the district meet state requirements and play a key role in allowing us to keep our school doors open. Most importantly, I want to thank you for doing your part to help keep our students, families, and employees safe. We greatly appreciate your assistance!


Lawrence Bo Wright
Lawrence Bo Wright