• Below is a list of information about the 6th grade curriculum including Social Studies and Science. Math curriculum can be found on Mrs. Weiner's homepage. 

    Quarter 1: Social Studies

    • Continents and Oceans
    • Early Humans
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Ancient China

    Quarter 2: Science

    • Waves and Electromagnets
    • Energy
    • Properties of Matter

    Quarter 3: Social Studies

    • Ancient Greece
    • Ancient Rome

    Quarter 4: Science 

    • Environmental Issues
    • Capstone Project


    Please have the students study the vocabulary to ensure a deep understanding of the units. Quizlet and the slides that are on Google Classroom are the best ways to study!

    Occassionally there will be homework if we do not finish what is assigned in class. :)

  • Literacy Units of Study:

    • Narrative Writing: Students will be working on narrative writing skills.
    • Reading:
      • Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
    • Encyclopedia Writing: research, students will write an encyclopedia article about a topic related to ancient civilizations.
    • Reading: 
      • The Ancient Maya, Machu Picchu, Quetzalcoatl and the Maize
    • Argument Writing: Students will write a pursuasive essay about the most aventageous energy source. 
    • Reading:
      • Science Fair Showdown
      • Ocean Storm Alert
      • Offshore Article
    • Narrative Writing: Students will write a (historical) fiction short story that relates to the topic of the Earth and its forces.
    • Readings:
      • The Monster in the Mountain by Mario Lamo-Jimenez
      • Galveston Journal: September 1900 by Veronica Freeman Ellis
      • “The Wind” by Robert Louis Stevenson
    • Biography Writing: The students will be reading and doing additional research to write a biography about someone who exhibited courage.
    • Reading:
      • The Story that Saved Curious George
      • Stories of Courage
      • The Invisible Thread
    • Writing:  Students reflect on the module texts and write a critical review by constructing an argument and supporting their claim with clear reasons and relevant text evidence.
    • Reading:
      • A Single Shard
      • Nelson Mandela
      • No Vacancy