Roth Junior High School Clubs - Roth Junior High School Clubs, 2019-2020

  • Rush-Henrietta's Roth Junior High School will offer many opportunities for students

    to participate in extracurricular clubs and activities during the 2019-2020 school year.  

    Academic Challenge Bowl Eric Prinzi
    Academic Club Competition Jeri Magnant
    Chamber Orchestra (Music Ensemble-single) Nicole Walton
    Dedicated Voices (Music Ensemble-double) Jamie Kazacos
    Drama & Musical-Ticket Sales Supervisor Erin Kramer
    Drama-Costumes Pam Quinlan
    Drama-Director Pam Quinlan
    Drama - Props Pam Quinlan
    Drama-Lighting Jamie Kazacos
    Drama-Set Director Jamie Kazacos
    Intramurals Kelly Meyer
      Brad Basal
      Aaron Pusateri
    Jazz Band (Music Ensemble-single) Heather Mate
    Musical-Director Carol Lamica
    Musical-Instrument Director Carol Lamica
    Musical - Pit Orchestra Jill Pringle
    Musical-Choral Director Jamie Kazacos
    Musical-Lighting Jamie Kazacos
    Musical-Pit Band Nicole Walton
    Musical-Pit Band Heather Mate
    Musical-Props Pam Quinlan
    Musical-Costume Pam Quinlan
    Musical-Set Director Terri Miron
    National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Joe Decker
    Snowsports/Ski Jack Beaney
    Student Council Marcie Biata
      Jeri Magnant
    WEB Robin Hernandez
      John Rogers
      Erin Kramer
      Kaitlin Keenan
    National Geography Bee Marina Vesty
    Art & Anime' Mary Housel-Demanchick
    ASL Club Erin Kramer
    Bookstore Supervisor Laura Robinson
    Community Service Diana Colbert
      Linda Kleemann
    D & D Club Joe Nesci
    DC Fundraiser Jeri Magnant
    Drama Pam Quinlan
    Jewelry Club Linda Kleemann
    Jr. High Tri-M Nicole Walton
    Latin Dancing Diana Colbert
    Minecraft Erin Kramer
    NYS Spanish Trip Kaci Cresswell
    Physical Theater Tom Ohl
    Pickleball Tom Ohl
    Photography Regina LaClair
    Portfolio Tess Meka
    Spanish Kaci Cresswell
    Spelling Bee Eric Prinzi
    Yearbook Advisor Kaci Cresswell
    Yearbook Advisor Erin Kramer