Visual Supports

  • Visual Supports

    Visual supports organize a sequence of events, enhancing the students ability to understand, anticipate and participate in those events.

    Visual supports supplement verbal instruction, clarifying the information for the student and increasing comprehension.

    Visual supports can be used to cue communication, providing reminders of what to do and say in a situation."

    Quill 1995

    Below, you will find links to files, and sites, which provide good information on the making and use of visuals.

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    Stay Calm, Stay Focused (zip file)
    A zip file which includes a sensory story and other supports. (Word format)

    Visual Supports Power Point (ppt file)
    Gives a good description of why and how to use visual supports, as well as samples and links for resources.


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    Pete's Power Point Station
    Loads of powerpoints to use in the classroom, home, and by students! Also includes templates to make interactive powerpoints. DEFINITELY worth checking out!!
    Using Visual Strategies for Autism
    A free webinar on successfully using visual strategies. Plenty of other information too.
    Online Timers
    A variety of online timers. Great for use on the Activboard!
    Recipes for Non-Readers
    Tasks Galore
    Books of visual supports for art,play skills, life skills, and work baskets. A monthly
    Picture Recipes
    Contains simple recipes in written or picture versions
    Symbol World