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    Our senses work together to give us information about our bodies.  They help us know where our body parts are in relation to one another, where our bodies are in the surrounding space, and what is happening around us.  When the sensory information is processed correctly, it helps us to interact appropriately with our environment.  If not interpreted correctly, it can result in over or under-reaction to environmental cues. 

    Sensory processing difficulties may be demonstrated in many ways in the school setting, including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Motor clumsiness
    • Resistance to different textures, i.e. glue, fingerpaints
    • Reactions to sounds/noise
    • Difficulty with focus/attention
    • Impulsiveness; over/under active; fidgety
    • Poor organization
    • Resistance to or fear of playground equipment, i.e. moving equipment or with feet off ground

    In the school setting, sensory issues must be impacting the students' ability to access his/her special education for Occupational Therapy to be considered.  The OT  works to find strategies that help the student maintain his/her appropriate arousal level to function in school, as well as suggesting modifications within the classroom to accomodate the students' sensory needs.  Heavy work activities, which provide input into the joints and muscles, tend to be organizing and calming, and help students with attention and focus and body awareness.  Fidgets (see below), "mouth tools," and movement can also help with these areas. Below are links to files and webpages that give information and strategies to address sensory needs in the schools.

     99 Sensory Activities for Any Child

    Sensory Activities for Home and School

     Alert Program

    Heavy Work Activities

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    Inexpensive Sensory Activities (pdf file)
    sensory activities

    Heavy Work Activities for Small Places (pdf file)
    heavy work-small places

    Heavy Work Activities for Home (doc file)
    heavy work-home

    Sensory Motor Warm-Ups (pdf file)
    sensory motor warm-ups

    Fidgets (doc file)
    Usefulness of "fidgets"

    Yoga Breathing (doc file)
    breathing techniques for calming


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