Cutting skills...

    Before children can cut properly, they need to first build up the muscles in their hands.

    • Do simple fingerplays with your child, especially ones that include opening and closing their fingers.
    • Let your child practice squeezing water out of sponges.
    • Give your child some squeeze type clothespins. Have him snap them onto a paper plate or piece of cardboard.


    • Hold a piece of paper rigid for your child and have her cut on one side.
    • Hold a piece of paper so that your child can snip off the corners. This can go on for a long time, because with each cut, two more corners are created.
    • Give your child strips of paper ½" wide and have her cut off pieces of paper.
    • Take a 1" strip of paper and mark lines every inch. Have your child cut along the lines.


    • Give your child a 2" x 8" strip of paper and show him how to fringe the paper.
    • When children are learning to cut across a wide piece of paper, you can show them how to keep their cutting arm still while they move the paper through the scissors.
    • When your child wants to cut at angles, you will need to show him how to stop part way through a cut and move his paper.
    • When your child wants to cut out simple shapes, you can make the process easier for him by folding the paper and drawing on a half shape. This way your child only has to cut half of the shape.


    • Have your child fringe a strip of green paper to glue on an outdoor picture.
    • Have your child cut a small paper cup down from the top, four or more times.
      Next, have him flatten the cup and glue it onto a piece of paper, creating a paper flower top.
    • Have your child cut out small shapes, however she wants and glue them onto a piece of paper, creating a cut paper collage.