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  • Activities for Fine Motor Skill Development

    Fine motor skills are used everyday. They are used to tie our shoes, fasten & unfasten buttons, pick up small objects, or point at something. In school, your child must be hold a pencil, cut with scissors, & turn pages in a book.

    The following is a list of equipment & activities that will help your child refine their fine motor abilities.

    Lacing and Threading Activities

    Commercial lacing, sewing, beading kits

    • Use bobbins, napkin rings, cheap bangles and rings, washers, macaroni beads, etc.

    • Punch holes in cardboard to make lacing boards. You can also punch the holes to make shapes & picture.

    • Lace across the opening or around edge of a cardboard box, plastic strawberry boxes, colanders, or rug canvas.

    • Sewing cards


    Stacking and Building Activities

    Stack rings on a post. There are many types available commercially.

    • Stack household items like washers, nuts, bobbins, plastic containers, etc.

    • Stack building blocks according to shape and colour.

    • Play with commercial construction toys such as lego, kinnex, etc.


    Winding, Twisting, & Screwing Activities

    Wind-up toys & nut and bolt toys

    • Screw/unscrew containers such as jars & nesting cups

    • Construction toys with nuts and bolts like a work bench


    Tweezers Type Tasks Activities

    Put clothes pins on and off the sides of containers.

    • Place doll's clothes on a play clothes line.

    • Transferring items with tweezers & tongs from one container to another. Items include cotton balls, pom-poms, beads, & paper clips.


    Commercial Games


    • Barrel of Monkeys

    • Mazes

    • Bed Bugs Game

    • Perfection

    • Hand held video games and others

    • Marbles and target box



    Framed puzzles

    • Make your own puzzles by gluing a picture onto cardstock or cardboard & them cutting it into pieces. Have your child perform the gluing & cutting if they are old enough.

    • Nesting toys


    Drawing Activities

    Chalk and chalk boards

    • Crayons and paper

    • Stencils & templates

    • Felts

    • Finger Paints

    • Paints


    Cutting, Tearing, Folding Activities

    Scissors (right and left, single and double, loop type)

    • Variety of paper & materials to cut.

    • Controlled tearing

    • Folding

    • Wrapping/unwrapping activities


    Nesting Activities

    Nesting toys like barrels & dolls

    • Nest plastic containers, canisters, boxes, etc.


    Construction Activities

    Variety of commercial construction toys like Lego, Kinnex, & Tinker Toys.


    In-hand Manipulation Activities

    Turning pages of a book

    • Picking up coins, beads, & Bingo chips. Try to pick-up more than one and hold them in the same hand

    • Remove a pen or marker lid with one hand while holding pen in the other hand.


    Toys to Balance & Standing Up


    • Soldiers

    • People

    • Trees

    • Blocks


    Games Involving Timing

    Play with an egg timer & time:


    1. sorting objects,

    2. turning cards over,

    3. matching objects, and

    4. putting pegs into a pegboard.


    If you are concerned with the manner I which your child uses their fingers or hands, consulting your family doctor or a healthcare professional such as an Occupational Therapist may help.

    Please refer to the Articles & Information section of our website for information on fine motor development.

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