What is school based OT?

  • What Is School Based Occupational Therapy?

    - OT is a federally mandated related service, identified in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

    OT services could be provided anywhere in the school setting.

    - OT services may occur by working directly with the student.

    - Other OT services may be more indirect, or "on behalf of the student". These may include setting up strategies, modifications or accommodations within the student’s environment.

    - Consultation and/or collaboration with school staff and caregivers is another part of OT school services.

    - Areas addressed by OT may include: use of classroom tools and manipulatives, cutting, handwriting, assistive technology, self-help skills, organization, social skills, independent living skills, and sensory issues affecting education.

    - The OT staff is also involved in Response to Intervention.

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